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To thrive and succeed, something more is required. We like to give that more. You can think of us as the "secret ingredient" to project success.

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About Us

We are a bit different development and production agency. We are young, baby, family, pet and friend friendly company. We started this company so we could spend more time with our friends and family. Instead of working hard, we believe in working smart and efficient.

Who We Are

We are a team of experts in different fields of fashion, branding and production industries with proven track record. We are here to offer you better, faster, easier and cheaper solutions. From the first sketch to the worldwide shipping – we can cover everything.

What We Do

We are a one stop solution. We design, develop, make prototypes and outsource the most feasible production site in the country for your product. Whether you’ve got nothing but a business idea, we will help you develop and position your product. We can offer e-commerce sales on our e-Commerce platform and worldwide shipping.

Why Choose Us

We are fast, cost-effective, flexible and easy to talk to. If we can’t finish something in the house, we will outsource someone who can. It is easy to work with us. We will work faster and smarter and spare your time and money.

Our Services

Are you an Instagram influencer dreaming to jump start your fashion label but don’t know where to start or you lack money?

You are a young designer but don’t know how to talk with corporate world and big production sites. There are so many different things to do before you can even think about production and that can be extremely confusing.

You are maybe a small label and need more efficiency or you will be forced to shut down.

Are you company that needs some services or certain products for your employees or your customers, such as unique uniforms or gifts?

Or you are perhaps a producer focused on certain services, but in need of creative professionals who would connect the dots and develop your own product and find the right niche.

We can help you overcome a wide range of challenges. Let us guide you step by step through our process and the complete service we offer at one place.


We do logo design and branding, as a first step in developing your label.

Design & Development

Whether we work according to your design and specifications or you require us to design for you, we are ready for it. We do construction, sampling, procurement of materials, Cad - Cam processing and grading.


Everything is manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Did you know that there are around 100 production plants in BiH which work in different sectors of the fashion industry? Experienced and qualified workforce, closeness to the markets of Western and Eastern Europe, short delivery time to European traders, long tradition and know-how are potentials that attract biggest companies to produce here. We will outsource the best production site for you, and our experts will oversee the production on site and make sure that the quality is always top notch.

Web Design

We cooperate with 7 different companies in BiH that can develop everything you need. From simple web presentation to e commerce platforms – working with our partners in BiH is cost effective.


We are sure you are excited to make your own look books, but if you need a professional product photo shoot, we are here for you and can provide services of award-winning photographers.


Sugar on top e-commerce is a platform which you can use to sell products we made for you. By choosing this convenience, you won’t have additional costs for transportation and storage of your goods. Everything stays in BiH until shipped to a final customer.

World Wide Shipping

Products are shipped World Wide directly to the customer once they have been ordered through our platform.


Due to our extensive experience, we have excellent connections in the creative and manufacturing industry in BiH and the region. If there is something we cannot do in-house, we will outsource an adequate partner for you.

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